Q4, 2018 (Oct 2018 – Dec 2018)

Regional Performance Report for Youth Mental Health Evidence Based Services:

washington state summary  


Description: This report includes a summary of youth mental health (MH) services provided for each Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) region of Washington State. Each regional report includes the total number and percent of youth services that qualified as being Evidence Based Practices (EBPs). EBP were determined from encounters with a valid EBP Current Procedural Terminology code. The change in EBPs provided compared to the previous quarter is shown in the table. The percent of qualifying EBP services over time is shown in a graph for each region along with a comparison to the Washington State average for each quarter. A summary for individual providers within each BHO region is also shown for the current quarter. Data was extracted by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA)/ Research and Data Analysis' (RDA) and may not reflect all services provided for a given BHO region or individual provider.


summary for washington state (Q4, 2018)

Total youth mental health services

Q4, 2018 (current quarter) Change from previous quarter
Total youth services provided 84, 064 + 12.8%
Total youth EBP services provided 9,368 - 5.4%
% of total youth services that were EBP 11.1% - 16.2%


summary for each Washington State BHO region (Q4, 2018)




Percent of Qualifying youth ebp services provided by quarter for all washington bho regions