EBPI supports a menu of learning communities and direct clinical training to support evidence-based practices. These training products are developed and refined annually after receiving input from regional directors and providers. In FY19, EBPI trained a total of over 340 community mental health providers through its STAY, Wise – Autism training, and WISe – Cultural Humility training programs. In addition, EBPI conducted a workshop on how to use the EBP Reporting guides to report R/EBPs for children’s public mental health care. Below is our collection of past training materials and webinars




A recording of the EBPI’s workshop on how to use the Reporting Guides to report the use of Evidence Based Practices in Children’s Mental Health.


Youth Suicide Assessment and Prevention Webinars: Part I

In Part I, Dr. Molly Adrian and Dr. Eileen Twohy describe the problem of youth suicide, introduce common models of suicide, and review suicide screening, assessment, and risk formulation

Part I Power Point Slides


Youth Suicide Assessment and Prevention Webinars: Part II

In Part II, Dr. Molly Adrian and Dr. Eileen Twohy introduce suicide-specific treatment, discuss necessary elements of suicide-specific treatment (including safety planning and lethal means restriction), and review suicide-specific treatment models (e.g., CAMS, DBT, and SAFETY

Part II Power Point Slides



This webinar discusses practical ways to integrate elements of CBT and play for children’s mental health treatment. It specifically addresses how play can be used as a means to deliver common techniques and strategies for the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, and disruptive behavior in children and adolescents.


Please note that EBPI no longer provides direct training. However, we are still a resource to help providers find training opportunities. Please follow the training specific links below, or contact us to learn more about training resources:

PAL training: https://www.seattlechildrens.org/healthcare-professionals/access-services/partnership-access-line/

CBT+ training: https://depts.washington.edu/hcsats/